Benefits of Tinted Glass in Nigeria 2020

From all car accessories that are available for the purchase, window tints may be the most common ones. A significant number of car owners decide to tint their car windows and it’s becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Tinting windows on your automobile isn’t just an esthetic feature however and it does have certain benefits which this article will explore.

Do cars look better with tinted windows? Well, that’s a question of personal preferences. Asking if your car looks better with tint is like asking “Are girls prettier with makeup?” or “Does having a mustache increase masculinity?” Thing is, tinting offers more than just making your car look good.

1. Better privacy
Oftentimes, you get stuck in traffic and come across annoying drivers that stare and scan the inside of your cabin. Simply avoid this scenario by installing a window tint on your car.

2. More peace of mind
Feel a little bit more secure leaving valuable items inside your car by having tint that make it more diffic…

How To Apply For Tinted Glass In Nigeria 2020

Process of getting a tinted permit in your car

visit or type in your browser to

Fill the Application form, register and you will receive an Application ID.

Log into the portal with your email and ID and continue the application process. You will require details of your vehicle registration, insurance, and so on, as well as bio-data of yourself. You may also need to upload copies of any relevant medical documents if you are applying on medical grounds.

Get a print-out of your completed form. You must make sure your print-out is accurate and represents the exact information you filled in. You may need to contact the NPF via if you have problems with your print-out.

Now you can take the print-out to the nearest Police Command for biometrics capturing. The usual biometric data is your face and fingerprints. Other details may also be required from you, for instance, if you are a foreign national living in Nigeria. You will also have your permit iss…

8 Reasons to Get Your Vehicle Tinted

It is no secret what the hot summer sun can do to your vehicle over time. The sun can fade the paint on your vehicle and the interior.  If your vehicle has traditional clear windows, then you may want to consider having your car window tint.  Here are eight reasons you should have your car windows tinted today!
How Window Tinting Helps

1. Reduce and/or eliminates glare – car window tint helps reduce and/or eliminates the sun’s glare, much like the sunglasses you wear. Without the tinting, the glare of the sun is blinding and can make driving hazardous during certain hours of the day. 2. Protects Interior – quality car window tint can block up to 99% percent of the sun’s UV rays. This helps to maintain the color and integrity of your vehicle’s dash, seats, and carpets.
3. Blocks Out Excessive Heat – high-quality window film can provide reduction in transferring of heat up to 78%. This helps your vehicle stay cooler.
4. Saves Energy – When your vehicle is cooler, you can bypass the air c…

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